Take your vibe up a notch (or 10) – Rewriting my Default 2.0

I’ve written before about rewiring my brain to have a new default pattern for when I’m feeling a bit shitty.

The plan was, and still is, if I’m feeling frustrated or angsty, then instead of having a meltdown, I decided I’d go into my heart space and live through that (BTW there’s a meditation for that 😉 )

And now I’m feeling called to update this default.

You see, going into my heart space is good and all, but all it does is shift my mindset.  [Read more…]

You haven’t learnt to say No yet

Anna Shelley - custom meditations, guided meditations, and all round manifesting badasseryI was having a conversation with someone a couple of weeks ago, and she’s a fabulous person in every way, but she said something that I find very interesting, and completely disagree with.

She said to me:

Ahh so you haven’t learnt to say No yet.

Honestly? I was kind of dumbfounded.  [Read more…]

Listen Now: Background Meditation Music Track

Background meditation music, yoga music, relaxation musicI am SO loving creating background meditation music.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you might know I’m a musician by trade.

I went to a couple of top music institutions to get a degree in music – which honestly, qualifies me for nothing! BUT it’s the process that counts, right?

I learned from amazing teachers and performers, participated in countless masterclasses with the best flute players in the world, travelled to UK and EU to attend more summer schools and masterclasses with some amazing flautists, and then – realised I did not want to be an orchestral musician or soloist!  [Read more…]

I’ve leapt INTO the beauty

Anna Shelley - custom meditations, guided meditations, and all round manifesting badasseryI’m going to let you in on a little secret…

I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

The fear is so great that I am paralysed like a deer in the headlights.

It’s a different kind of fear to that though.

I feel like I’ve been walking along a beautiful path, and I can see all this beauty from the top of a cliff, so I just leap.

I’ve leapt INTO the beauty.

But I’m no super woman. I don’t know how to fly! Hell, I don’t even know how to parachute, or paraglide, or do one of those crazy wingsuit BASE jumps – which is exactly what this feels like.  [Read more…]

The power of Instant Manifestation

Anna Shelley - expanding your mind with meditationIf you allow your mind to open up to the possibilities in front of you, then you will be allowing yourself, and GIFTING yourself, the power of Instant Manifestation.

You’re already up with the law of attraction. You already KNOW that you can literally create anything you wish… BUT you have a HUGE sense of doubt as you struggle and struggle and struggle to create change in the key areas that you’re so desperate to see change.  [Read more…]

You need SPECIFICITY if you want to #manifestcoolshit

while you're climbing the mountain, all you're ever seeing and experiencing is the path immediately in front of you. All you're focusing on is getting over the next bump, round the next corner, over the next ridge.  There's the top with the amazing views, but the journey to get there is the funnest of all When was the last time you got really SPECIFIC about what you wanted? Like REALLY crystal clear?

Can you even visualise EXACTLY what you want?

You know, the Universe LOVES specificity.

In fact, YOU love specificity.  [Read more…]

The shit storm we have to have

Anna Shelley quoteI was tapping into my soul, wondering how I could transcend anger, rage, boiling point, unhappiness, sadness, grief etc… but…

The soul doesn’t want to do this.

The soul wants to activate the whole of the human experience.  [Read more…]

No, you’re NOT good enough!

Anna Shelley - Soul AlignerWhen was the last time you felt like you weren’t good enough?

Not good enough to do your job? Not qualified enough, not opinionated enough, not of the right opinion, not of the best quality, not of the highest standard, a complete fraud in your position?

Well I’ll let you in on a secret….  [Read more…]

Your ideas and opinions are not valid

picsart_09-13-01-33-19It’s true.

Your ideas and opinions are not valid, not good enough, not strong enough, not clever enough, not cool enough.

You’re not good enough to be elevated to smartcoolclevergoodenough status.

Other people are.  [Read more…]

I’ll let you in on a little secret

Anna Shelley - Soul Aligner - custom meditationsI’m going to be honest here.

I always preach about speaking your truth to allow your soul to shine freely, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Throughout most of my life I’ve found this painfully hard.

I was always the shy kid, the quiet one, the person who blended into the background like furniture. I thought it was my natural introverted tendencies, but it was more than that.  [Read more…]