Anna Shelley - Aligning your mind with your soul through guided meditations, custom meditations, and intuitive art and musicWelcome!

My name is Anna Shelley, and I create guided meditations that give you a complete immersion experience of the mind and soul.

If you are wanting to enhance your intuition, develop and grow your sense of self, and raise your vibration so that you can create your life on your terms from a place of love and flow, then you will enjoy my guided meditations and relaxing soundscapes.

Enjoy some beautiful background meditation music intuitively created by myself, browse my philosophical musings, download a guided meditation, or invite me to create one especially personalised for you.




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Get your free 4 minute meditation

I'd love to bliss out with long meditations, and thoroughly recommend it if you can, but if you're like me and time poor...

I created this 4 minute meditation to raise your vibration and bring you inner peace.

It's free. Just for you.

Enjoy 🙂