Anna Shelley - Artist | Musician | Muse - acoustic ambient music, colourful artwork, and deep musings from the soulWelcome!

My name is Anna Shelley. I am Artist. I am Musician. I am The Muse.

I create acoustic ambient flute music, illuminating artwork, and deep musings from the soul with words and meditations that connect you to your self.

If you are wanting to enhance your intuition, develop and grow your sense of self, and raise your vibration so that you can create your life on your terms from a place of love and flow, then you will enjoy my guided meditations and relaxing soundscapes.

Enjoy some beautiful background meditation music intuitively created by myself, browse my philosophical musings, download a guided meditation, or invite me to create one especially personalised for you.




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Journey INTO The Akasha - A Meditation Experience
Experience who you REALLY are without the constraints of our physical world.

Use this meditation to:

  • Tap into your soul purpose, your creative drive, your absolute creative freedom of expression and learn from this experience HOW to bring this to light in the real world.
  • REALLY shine your ABSOLUTE true light.
  • Dig DEEPER into your core, into the universe within, and honour your truth.
  • Break down the barriers that are holding you back from FULLY unleashing and releasing what is inside of you that is READY to BURST FORTH into the world.
  • Create DRAMATIC SOUL IMPACT on your biz, your life, your soul expression, your CREATIVE FIRE, and ultimately - the world.

See this experience as your secret weapon.

This is how you tap into your Creative Muse to feel into your soul and fully express it in your work and life so that you can expand your creative output beyond what you’ve ever imagined. In turn, this shapes the world into the Utopia that you know exists through creative and innovative expression.

It’s a super simple meditation. And it’s super powerful.

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