A decree and declaration

Anna Shelley

Nature always wins.

The next evolution is Nature. She gets to take back her home. She gets to have all parts of her self returned.

What do we want to stand for, even if we’re going to sink?

I’ve done my bit, but when do those in power do their bit? It’s bloody expensive buying 100% natural zero waste slow fashion. It takes effort sourcing quality natural zero waste materials, and a lot of time to make clothes yourself. It takes time and energy growing and making all your food from scratch.

As it stands, living in a minimal impact manner is reserved for those who can afford it – in time, energy and finance.

As it stands, those in power value a society full of workers. We go to school so our parents can work, so we can be trained to be a cog in the wheel of the capitalist economy. Then we breed and repeat the cycle.

As it stands, we are not openly provided choice.

As it stands, we do have a choice.

I am not anti capitalism at all. I think it works quite well. But it’s gone too far.

Collapse is coming. We are smoking out our home and it is all our fault. So now what do we choose to do? Prolong it? Or live differently? Something else?

I, Anna Shelley, hereby opt out of the current institution of society.

I, Anna Shelley, decree and declare I live in my own vision of self sufficiency, an economy ruled by the arts, and a society of compassion, heart, and truth.

The society I create may be small now, and maybe it always will be, but it is the truth for me right now, and the only place I can afford to live – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Why am I so upset about the world ending as we know it? I know it’s going to happen anyway, but I’m probably most upset because we could have done something about this, but our leaders have chosen to accelerate our demise. It’s sad. I do not stand with them. Politics is not my thing, so even though I may get involved in the future (my kid is too young for me to divert so much attention elsewhere), right now I am counting on myself to do what feels best for me. It’s tough being the only one to give up plastic. It’s tough being the only one picking up rubbish from the beach. It’s tough being the only one to act so strongly upon their thoughts. But someone’s got to do it.

Live like you mean it. It’s the only thing we’ve got.