A Magical Meditation Experience

I spent this morning meditating.

My monkey mind had got the better of me, and I was finding it hard to connect to my soul – to connect to Who I Really Am.

So I started with this 4 minute meditation:

Then I put on some music, and allowed it to take me where I needed to go in order to tune my frequency to all that I desire.

This is what came to me in visions and words: 

All of this is inside you already, don’t you see? It’s all there.

Allow it to rise up and let the energy emanate from your fingers and heart and solar plexus and root – This is ELECTRIFYING and magical. So just allow it to exit your body and light up the world.

As soon as you allow your magic out, you KNOW you can SEE and FEEL it surround your very being and the whole world.

You are a light – a beacon – a magical electric force of power and beauty.

THIS is your true power, your light.

THIS is how you shine your light.

You don’t force it. You ALLOW it to be the magic that it is, and you ALLOW it to leave your body to light up the world.

Don’t keep it trapped inside. Not only is that SUPPRESSION, but it is actively hiding your light. It is saying NO to your true desires and destiny, and it is DEFYING your soul, your essence, and therefore defying the world xxx

The End.

Go forth and MAGIC the world.


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