Anna Shelley - expanding your mind with meditationHey there!

I’m Anna Shelley – Artist, Musician, and Muse 😉

I decided to dive deep into the mind and the soul when my baby boy was born. I had to quit my previous business because it didn’t work with my new baby, and I was already experiencing shifts and pulls into a new way of thinking and a new way of being.

So I gobbled up all this juicy information on how the mind and the brain and the body works when it comes to creating massive change and transformation of the self.

I experienced EXTREME sleep deprivation with a baby who STILL doesn’t know how to sleep (he’s 2.5 now) and I needed to do SOMETHING to learn how to navigate this mammahood business with my own biz and my own sense of self and of course my own fucking sanity!

Anna Shelley - Expand your mind with guided meditations and custom meditationsMy background and skills in mindset allowed me to figure out who the hell I was amidst all this, but I wanted more.

So I got more.

I taught myself clairvoyance. I dived deeper into meditation than I ever had before. I taught myself how to see and read chakras and auras. During meditation I went INSIDE my soul, I travelled to other dimensions, I communicated with different energies, and then one day I even met The Universe.

Meditation changed my life. For the better. But more than that – It has enhanced my life to the point where I can pretty much overcome anything I wish, I can choose to grow and evolve at rapid speed, I can use my intuition to glean insights and advice on anything from parenting to life to biz to health and anything in between. And I honestly can’t even describe how amazing that is.

So I want to pass all this on.

I want to share my meditations. I want to share my intuitive skills. I want to share my soulful art and music. I want to share all this so that you too can see the infinite wisdom of the universe within you, and have the immense belief in yourself that I can also see in you.

I see the infinite possibilities, and it blows my mind!

So I create meditations so that you can do the same.

And at the same time, I do not limit myself to meditations. This is what I have become known for, but honestly – they are a culmination of my mindset knowledge, brain science knowledge, soulful discoveries, intuition, writing, art, and of course music – which has been a major force in my life since age 0.

So yes, you can dive into my delicious guided meditations, you can order your own custom meditations, hell – I even create them on a wholesale basis for other businesses! AND you can also contact me for soulful art commissions, ambient music for your personal or commercial use, or anything else that you think I could help you with.

I welcome you into my online home of magical delights, and I trust that you will find #soulfuelment here 🙂



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