That time before I was born

Anna Shelley - visionary musician, artist, muse.

It’s been a while since I recalled that time before I was born. That time when I got to pick and choose which gifts I wanted to bring to Earth. Yeah… that time. Do you remember?

I remember why I chose my particular parents. I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say that when I was 4 years old I was as fluent in reading music as I was in English.

I remember why I chose my son. Already! Before I was even born! We are galactic lightwork partners.

I remember why I chose my first gift as sound frequencies. I have a long history of it in my soul. I knew of the importance of sound for humanity and the cosmos at large.

I remember why I chose my second gift as creativity. I wanted to see beauty wherever I was, and what better way than to create it?

The magic of this is being able to see the beauty in the mundane. A rainy day is not bleak, it is rich with texture. The dark night of the soul is not a void, it is the birth of stars. Opportunities for seeing and creating magic are everywhere.

The Other was inspired by a shamanic journey. One morning I looked out the window to see the most incredible glow in the sky. It was completely overcast, but the sunrise managed create to something truly spectacular.

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