The True Bliss of an Artist

the true bliss of artWhat’s inside of you, dear Artist, dear Creator, dear Expressionist, is not something to be feared. It’s not something to be kept hidden away. It’s not even something that needs to be dug out with a pick axe like you’re digging for gold.

What’s lurking inside of you – that bright bright energy – wants to be gently released into this world. With love, with nurturing care, with gentle touch, and with you appreciating and experiencing it’s natural glow.  [Read more…]

Burn Baby Burn!

Burn Baby Burn! You are a free spirit. No one quashes YOUR soul! No one quashes YOU! You are on FIRE, baby! Burn, baby, burn!!!

You shine your own fucking light thank you very much, and your soul will tell you this much for nothing:

I do whatever the FUCK I want, however the FUCK I want, whenever the FUCK I want, wherever the FUCK I want. 

You quash me? You suppress me? You try to dampen me with your blankets of Caution, Inertia, and Overthinking?

Then you better be ready for the RAGE.  [Read more…]

Journaling prompts to raise your vibe and change your life

Anna Shelley : Personalised Meditations, Guided Meditations + Intuitive MentoringYou already know I’m BIG into journaling.

I’ve always KIND of been into it, but more deliberately over the past few years.

Today’s journalling prompts are:

  • I am
  • I KNOW
  • I do
  • I have
  • I bank
  • And right now, as the above is already DONE, I choose to

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The Universal Law of No Rules

Manifesting and the universal law of attractionDear dear dear dear me… So much TRYING, right? So much PUSHING. So much Following The Rules. And that’s pretty slack for a rule breaker, right? Or are you not really a rule breaker after all?

I see you following the steps, the protocols, the NORM – even though this norm of yours is not THE norm, it’s still a norm nonetheless – and you know what breaks my heart? You think this is the way to freedom. You think following these steps of tuning within, manifesting like a mofo, meditating, journaling, reflecting, thinking, exploring your art, sharing your art, being You etc – you think all these steps are the way to go but listen up and listen good:  [Read more…]

Digging deeeeeeeep into your Soul

If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you’ll know I am all about #soulfuelment.

As I learn, grow, and evolve, closer to my truth – as I merge closer and closer with my higher self – I have come to realise that a huuuuuuge part of #soulfuelment is simply unleashing what is inside.

When I look into my soul space – into my very core – I see all this smokey haze swirling about. It’s grey and black and thick. It’s nothing bad. It’s just the muck I’ve picked up over the past 24 hours since I last unleashed – since I last released – since I last set it free.  [Read more…]

+++ The Rules Of My Cavern +++

Anna Shelley : Mind Expander + Soul AlignerI am a creative mofo and often my shit makes NO SENSE.

Therefore – YOU are a creative mofo and YOU ARE ALLOWED to make no sense.

I am The Creative Muse and if you don’t like the weirdness within that bubbles up from my SOUL, then PLEASE, save yourself the energy and LEAVE.

AND PLEASE – UNLEASH your own weirdness! Celebrate it! Share it! BECOME IT. ACCEPT that you are a mad crazy artist because THIS is Who. You. Are.

There is only one rule in this house and that is:

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I confess, sometimes my mind feels boring. Sometimes it feels like it’s going through the motions of life. Sometimes it feels like it’s running a program where it checks the boxes and does this and then that and then suddenly it’s lunch time and I can congratulate myself for achieving Status: Human.

But it’s SO FUCKING BORING!!! I don’t WANT to be JUST human. I don’t WANT to be JUST functioning. I don’t want to even be a functioning human because honestly – that bores the crap out of me!!!

So what DO I want? Do I REALLY want to be ON FIRE all day every day? Do I REALLY want to be TUNED THE FUCK IN all day every day? Do I REALLY want to be LIVING THROUGH MY HEART all day every day?  [Read more…]

An Important Message from The Creative Muse

Anna Shelley - custom meditations, creative musing, artist/musician/magic weaverDavid Bowie has been bugging me lately. Literally knocking on the door of my consciousness, pushing his way in and standing up as I go deeper and deeper into my soul of creative expansion. He’s standing there saying Go Go Go Release Release Release More More More MORE. GO ALL IN and NEVER EVER STOP.

What does that MEAN?????

I mean, I GET the concept. I UNDERSTAND it’s about GOING ALL IN and UNLEASHING whatever cRazY creative genius is inside of my just BURSTING to BREAK FREE from me and be RELEASED into this world.

But still… I want some confirmation that everything I am doing is right. Like, really “right”. Correct. The proper way. Not wrong. You know? [Read more…]

Forest Bathing

Have you heard about the forest bathing craze?

From what I understand, it’s basically hanging out in nature as a method of soulfuelment.

I find it funny that some parts of society have become so disengaged with the planet they live on that forest bathing is even a phrase! How is that possible?

Here’s a forest bathing video. [Read more…]

You will never be perfect

You will never be perfectI’m so ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY and I can’t contain it ANY longer!!!! ARghghahghGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I don’t even know WHY I am angry, but it’s suddenly spit out of me and into the house and the people and dinner and the BLOOD OF ANGER just keeps spilling OUT of me!!!!!!!

I want to stop it bleeding out, of exploding out, of erupting out, but I know that if I do, and also by trying to do it that I am simply trying to quash my soul, suppress my very essence.

Anger is bad. Being bad is bad. Not being perfect is bad.

I would LOVE to be perfect allthefuckingtime. But I’m just NOT1!!!! GARHHGHHGHHHHH

Goddamnit, make me perfect already!!!!  [Read more…]