An Important Message from The Creative Muse

Anna Shelley - custom meditations, creative musing, artist/musician/magic weaverDavid Bowie has been bugging me lately. Literally knocking on the door of my consciousness, pushing his way in and standing up as I go deeper and deeper into my soul of creative expansion. He’s standing there saying Go Go Go Release Release Release More More More MORE. GO ALL IN and NEVER EVER STOP.

What does that MEAN?????

I mean, I GET the concept. I UNDERSTAND it’s about GOING ALL IN and UNLEASHING whatever cRazY creative genius is inside of my just BURSTING to BREAK FREE from me and be RELEASED into this world.

But still… I want some confirmation that everything I am doing is right. Like, really “right”. Correct. The proper way. Not wrong. You know? [Read more…]

Forest Bathing

Have you heard about the forest bathing craze?

From what I understand, it’s basically hanging out in nature as a method of soulfuelment.

I find it funny that some parts of society have become so disengaged with the planet they live on that forest bathing is even a phrase! How is that possible?

Here’s a forest bathing video. [Read more…]

You will never be perfect

You will never be perfectI’m so ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY and I can’t contain it ANY longer!!!! ARghghahghGHGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I don’t even know WHY I am angry, but it’s suddenly spit out of me and into the house and the people and dinner and the BLOOD OF ANGER just keeps spilling OUT of me!!!!!!!

I want to stop it bleeding out, of exploding out, of erupting out, but I know that if I do, and also by trying to do it that I am simply trying to quash my soul, suppress my very essence.

Anger is bad. Being bad is bad. Not being perfect is bad.

I would LOVE to be perfect allthefuckingtime. But I’m just NOT1!!!! GARHHGHHGHHHHH

Goddamnit, make me perfect already!!!!  [Read more…]

Negative Self Talk is NOT Bad

You can choose to drop all those layers that cloud your soul, experiencing and expressing yourself without all your hang ups. It's a choice. Sometimes it's challenging. But it's also liberating.I was recently told to not use negative self talk, and to stick with positive empowering words, and it kind of pissed me off. Not only because I can’t stand being told what to do, not just because they did not even clarify my definitions of the words I used, but get this…

There’s no such thing as positive and negative. They’re just labels we came up with to help define concepts with our limited language.

I actually don’t care if I am talking to myself in negative terms. It goes BEYOND psychology. [Read more…]

This One is for the Crazies

once again I pick myself up and slip back into my own worldI find myself dancing in and out of alignment on a daily basis.

Do I allow myself to flow or do I succumb to normality?

This square peg has never managed to function in a round hole, but sometimes I wish it were possible because it would all be SO EASY then, wouldn’t it.  [Read more…]

Do what you MUST in order to BREATHE

Do what you must in order to breatheI talk about #soulfuelment quite a bit, but you know what? Every now and then I wake up, look around, and see that I’ve stopped practising it.

It just kind of sneaks up on me. I’m sure you know the feelings…

The frustration that something isn’t quite right, getting snappy, getting angry at things that really shouldn’t make you angry, just wanting to get away – to escape – to BREATHE.  [Read more…]

How to shortcut to the unapologetic You who is powerful beyond measure

Who are you when you truly get to dance to your own beat?I believe in the theory that you have to hit rock bottom before you can rise above and shine your brightest.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I DON’T believe you have to be homeless, abused, bankrupt, injured, sick, and have your naked raw self exposed until you finally give in and surrender to your destiny.

What I mean is, if you find yourself in a position where you FEEL naked, exposed, and raw – where you FEEL like your ego is BEYOND crushed and your MIND is not even functioning clearly – then you realise that after ALL that [Read more…]

What happens when your soul doesn’t give a fuck what you’re manifesting?

We want to feel EXPANSIVE - Anna Shelley - Mindset, Meditations, Music, MagicI had a question about manifesting from a reader the other day, and I knew the answer might turn out a bit long, so thought it would be something good to share here 🙂

“My problem is my heart or head wants one thing but my soul is happy as things are. So when I sit down to write my list of what I want to manifest this week, month or day I am constantly crossing things off. What can I do?”

Firstly, I get it. I get you. Totally.

I get all existential like this too. I start to think what my soul most desires, and when I get in that line of thought, I communicate with my soul, and honestly – my soul doesn’t have any desires other than to freely be.  [Read more…]

Read this when you find that other people are getting in your way

You, my dear, are STRONGNo one is preventing you from doing anything but you.

It is ALL in your head! It IS all in your head!

You are trying to blame other people for YOU not moving on, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. But they are not stopping you! [Read more…]

Remember this when you’re feeling “not good enough”

Feeling not good enough? You're the same as everyone else.Ok… so you’re having a “not good enough” moment.

Whoopdidoo. Big deal. You want a medal?

EVERYBODY goes through this. Everybody. Guaranteed.  [Read more…]