For when you feel insecure about your weirdness

Making the impossible possible - personalised meditations and guided meditations from the creative museDo you ever feel insecure about the weirdness of that which you are?

I’ll let you in on a secret:

I am bloody insecure about owning my weirdness, yet I take great pride in it…

I have this deep seated belief that you can’t make money as a classically trained musician unless you play in an orchestra. [Read more…]

Your inner GENIUS is just BURSTING to get out!

Are you ready to fall head over heels in alignment with your soul?You know when you have all this stuff that’s inside of you and it is just BURSTING to get out and be released to the world but you Just Don’t Know where to start, and where it will lead, and when it will end, and you don’t even know the full POINT of it?

And you know when you’re on the verge of this – let’s face it – GENIUS – you could either jump into the unknown and free fall your way there OR you could stay standing safely on the edge of the cliff looking out at the beauty from a distance?

Well… I’ve been there. Many times. I’m there again now. I’ve jumped off that cliff so many times.  [Read more…]

Live in a parallel universe (ie Step UP and INTO the Next Level)

I made a choice to step THROUGH the door to the parallel universe where we live as though our daydreams are realA lot of people say you can’t live with your head in the clouds all the time. That you must get back to reality. Or that you have to go back to the regular functional day to day things.

But – what if those regular day to day things ALSO existed when your head is in the clouds and you can continue to operate from that point?

That’s me right now.

It’s a choice I made.  [Read more…]

Soulfuelment First – You gotta have it or you’ll die

SoulfuelmentJust so you know:

I can’t NOT do this stuff.

It’s in my bones. It’s in my DNA!

When my son was a very little baby, I saw a psychologist for post natal depression, or anxiety, or just plain old I Can’t Handle A Baby Who Doesn’t Sleep And Therefore Not Have A Single Second To Myself.

I told her I HAVE to create art. I HAVE to create stuff. I HAVE to work. I HAVE TO I HAVE TO I HAVE TO because IT’S WHO I AM goddamnit and if I can’t do this, then what is there left for me in this world?!  [Read more…]

DECLARE and DECIDE (the easy way to facilitate change)

Declare and decide - the easy way to manifestI want to share with you this powerful invitation of self love, which facilitates actual real tangible self love and instant manifesting.

First, listen to this 4 minute meditation:

Then, the process we use is dead fucking simple. [Read more…]

How to go ALL IN on your intuition

How to go ALL IN on your intuitionThis is a written meditation/activation, and an excerpt from my book.

It’s time to reach for the clouds, baby! It’s time to go ALL IN on your intuition, and follow your SOUL.

So loosen yourself up. Shake out your limbs a bit. Roll your shoulders. Loosen your neck. Align your spine. And take in a big breath.

Let this breath fill up your body with excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm, and zest for BEing.  [Read more…]

Dream, Dream, Baby!


Can’t this stillness last forever?
Can’t this space to breathe just be?
Don’t want to go back to reality.
I just want to be free.

But when you say reality
Is not your ideal freedom,
What you are specifically saying
Is that you can not beat them.

Who are you trying to beat?
Who are you trying to outdo?
All you need to be right now
Is your self – yes, You!

So now you’re in this stillness
You must create that feel
And when you come back down to earth
Just make that dream for real.

Dream, Dream, Baby!
To the stars and sky so blue.
Dream, Dream, Baby!
And make that dream come true.

Alignment and Embodiment – A Written Meditation

Alignment and Embodiment - You are a beacon of light for yourself - Anna Shelley - Guided Alignment Meditation(A written meditation)

Greetings from the Council of Light.

We are here to help you bring your body into alignment with your mind, your mind with your soul, and your soul with your body.

It’s a representation of the cycle of life. In fact – it’s the cycle of life in your body. It is complete alignment of you as a person and how you are represented in this world.  [Read more…]

Soulfuelment First

Become the Universe within youSoulfuelment.

It’s gotta come first.

Not even second.

But first.

Now I’m the first to say to put your kids first, if they’re not capable of fending for themselves, but EVEN WHILE you are busy creating functioning human beings (or dogs or cats or mothers or grandparents or rhubarb) you can be SIMULTANEOUSLY fueling your soul.

HOW? [Read more…]

You’re misunderstood

When you feel misunderstoodDo you ever feel like no one understands you?

No one GETS you, and everything you say is not heard as you intended, and after a while you realise you’re in your own little bubble, and no one understands your thoughts and ideas from your curious little bubble.

Everything you say is misinterpreted, all the brilliant ideas you have are labeled as crazy, and everyone has got you pegged in your box BUT you’re in a goddamn BUBBLE so you don’t even FIT in that box!  [Read more…]