Meditation Music Video Clip

Every day I wake up for the first time, seeing the world through the eyes of my soul, and I wonder:

What would I like to do/create today?

My answer usually includes nature, visual art, and music. Sometimes I combination of 2 or 3 of those, simultaneously.

Today I was not intending to create a whole new meditation track. It was not on the list of things to do. I had no obligation. But as I experienced life through the eyes of my soul, I found myself improvising some music, recording it, producing it, then creating the album cover, and suddenly a video clip!

Enjoy 🙂


Gratitude, Telepathy, Connection

Anna Shelley intuitive mindset coachI was lying in bed, cuddling my 2 year old to sleep, when I felt this immense wave of gratitude flow through me, from my heart to his.

I felt so blessed that I had him, so that he could teach me to only do what is important to me, to only do my soul work.

You see, he was never an easy kid. He’s never slept more than 4 hours. He clings to me like a koala. He’s challenged me in ways I never thought imaginable. I still find myself crying every week or so, unable to surrender to this.

And there I was, lying in bed with him, helping him to sleep, and I thanked the universe for this challenge and this blessing. That he has enforced me to only do what my soul truly desires.  [Read more…]

A matter of opening up your heart and soul

A matter of opening up the heart and soulYou DO like to complicate things, don’t you?

Rather than always wanting to know HOW to do this, HOW to manifest awesome shit, HOW to live your soul purpose etc etc blah blah blah zzzzz…. Why don’t you just fucking do it?

BUT HOW???? I hear you scream as you bang your head against the wall!!!

Listen up and listen good:

It’s a matter of opening up your heart and your soul, and SURRENDERING to your soul – SURRENDERING to your soul’s calling.  [Read more…]

Tears of I-don’t-know-what bubble up

My heart is OH so open, and I can feel myself SURRENDER to my soul, as my feet tremble below me, and tears of I-don’t-know-what bubble up.

I want to purge all the sadness, hate, guilt, shame – all of it. I want to violently throw up this deep dark sadness that has me questioning my soul, my reality, my all.

So I do just that.

Energetically speaking.  [Read more…]

How to access your deep soul wisdom

Anna Shelley - artist, musician, meditation maker, magic......The body contains all the wisdom that spans all time and space. This is ingrained upon you as an earth element. The wisdom comes from the Earth. It rises up through the ashes, through the trees, through the plants, and it cycles through you as you consume the plants and breathe the air. As you exhale, you are imparting your unique wisdom back into the cycle.The clouds absorb it, it rains down on the earth, the earth, the trees, the animals, the people – all absorb it – and the cycle continues.

Of course, this is talking about the wisdom of the Earth, but the Earth has its own cycle of wisdom that ebbs and flows through space. And thus, we have the infinite wisdom, spanning all time and space, within us.  [Read more…]

Do you ever feel disgusted with yourself?

Anna Shelley - Meditations, Music, Magic, Muse to CreativesYou are pure and perfect within, yet you seem to think there’s something dark, scary, broody, maybe even repulsive, offensive, and disgusting in there.

Do you feel disgusted with yourself? Do you disgust yourself?


And you know what? That’s ok.

It’s ok to be repulsed by yourself.

It’s ok to feel like you are offensive – even to yourself!

When you face this ugliness within – the dark and dirty side of yourself – you can actually see that it’s not so bad after all.  [Read more…]

Self Mastery of the Mind / Body / Spirit

soul blueprint codeWhat does your soul crave right now?

Self mastery.

Mastery of the mind/body/spirit.

Now get this: You already HAVE mastery of the spirit. THAT is a GIVEN.

The only problem is you’ve forgotten it.

You’ve forgotten who you are at soul level. You’ve forgotten how to allow things to be easy. And therefore what you’ve never quite mastered, is how to be your soul in your body.  [Read more…]

Pure Shakti Bliss

Anna Shelley - Artist A.F.Your soul is LONGING, it is YEARNING, for that which you do not provide.

So… What is it you must provide your soul?


Every day.

You are already up with #soulfuelment, fuelling your soul FIRST, living life THROUGH fuelling your soul, making life all ABOUT soulfuelment, but you are not giving yourself the BLISS your soul YEARNS for.

We are not talking about creative outlets, nurturing yourself with good food, having space to just breathe and just BE. This goes BEYOND that.  [Read more…]

You Are Chaos

You Are ChaosI’m feeling lost again.

Maybe I was always lost.

Whatever it is, I’m feeling lost and like I just don’t know what I should be doing with my life.

I mean, most people have like a job or something. They have a Thing that they do. A title even!

I tried to give myself a title. Once. Twice. Several times. I thought I needed a title to tell people who I was, but what I was really trying to do was tell myself who I was, who I am, what I am doing with myself.  [Read more…]

The True Bliss of an Artist

the true bliss of artWhat’s inside of you, dear Artist, dear Creator, dear Expressionist, is not something to be feared. It’s not something to be kept hidden away. It’s not even something that needs to be dug out with a pick axe like you’re digging for gold.

What’s lurking inside of you – that bright bright energy – wants to be gently released into this world. With love, with nurturing care, with gentle touch, and with you appreciating and experiencing it’s natural glow.  [Read more…]