Read this when you find that other people are getting in your way

You, my dear, are STRONGNo one is preventing you from doing anything but you.

It is ALL in your head! It IS all in your head!

You are trying to blame other people for YOU not moving on, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. But they are not stopping you! [Read more…]

Remember this when you’re feeling “not good enough”

Feeling not good enough? You're the same as everyone else.Ok… so you’re having a “not good enough” moment.

Whoopdidoo. Big deal. You want a medal?

EVERYBODY goes through this. Everybody. Guaranteed.  [Read more…]

How to go ALL IN on your intuition

How to go ALL IN on your intuitionThis is a written meditation/activation, and an excerpt from my book.

It’s time to reach for the clouds, baby! It’s time to go ALL IN on your intuition, and follow your SOUL.

So loosen yourself up. Shake out your limbs a bit. Roll your shoulders. Loosen your neck. Align your spine. And take in a big breath.

Let this breath fill up your body with excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm, and zest for BEing.  [Read more…]

Dream, Dream, Baby!


Can’t this stillness last forever?
Can’t this space to breathe just be?
Don’t want to go back to reality.
I just want to be free.

But when you say reality
Is not your ideal freedom,
What you are specifically saying
Is that you can not beat them.

Who are you trying to beat?
Who are you trying to outdo?
All you need to be right now
Is your self – yes, You!

So now you’re in this stillness
You must create that feel
And when you come back down to earth
Just make that dream for real.

Dream, Dream, Baby!
To the stars and sky so blue.
Dream, Dream, Baby!
And make that dream come true.

Alignment and Embodiment – A Written Meditation

Alignment and Embodiment - You are a beacon of light for yourself - Anna Shelley - Guided Alignment Meditation(A written meditation)

Greetings from the Council of Light.

We are here to help you bring your body into alignment with your mind, your mind with your soul, and your soul with your body.

It’s a representation of the cycle of life. In fact – it’s the cycle of life in your body. It is complete alignment of you as a person and how you are represented in this world.  [Read more…]

If you’re not sure of the next step you need to take, read this

There is nothing to DO, but everything to BEThere is nothing you have to DO, but everything you want to BE.

Don’t WORRY about the next step.

Don’t WORRY about the great plans you have.

Don’t WORRY about implementation.


All you need to do is BE.  [Read more…]

How to get in flow

How to be in flow - art from the heartGet in flow! Get in flow! Get in flow!

We all want to get in flow – to BE in flow – because this is when we are in our highest place of alignment, it’s when things, it’s when we’re in the most joy, and most importantly it’s when we just.feel.good.

But sometimes it feels like we’re just missing the mark.

In between kid wrangling, partner wrangling, house wrangling, and let’s face it – wrangling ourselves around all this – we just kind of lose the plot.  [Read more…]

The power of Instant Manifestation

Anna Shelley - expanding your mind with meditationIf you allow your mind to open up to the possibilities in front of you, then you will be allowing yourself, and GIFTING yourself, the power of Instant Manifestation.

You’re already up with the law of attraction. You already KNOW that you can literally create anything you wish… BUT you have a HUGE sense of doubt as you struggle and struggle and struggle to create change in the key areas that you’re so desperate to see change.  [Read more…]

A Super Quick Trick To Centre Yourself

picsart_10-16-02-44-13Close your eyes. (OK, maybe read this first, then close your eyes.)

Take a big breath.

Trace a line from the middle of your forehead down through your belly button to in between your feet.

This is your midline. Your centre. Your home.  [Read more…]

The shit storm we have to have

Anna Shelley quoteI was tapping into my soul, wondering how I could transcend anger, rage, boiling point, unhappiness, sadness, grief etc… but…

The soul doesn’t want to do this.

The soul wants to activate the whole of the human experience.  [Read more…]