TIMELINES Part 4 of 4: Did yesterday’s predictions come true?

Timelines: Did yesterday's predictions come true?If you haven’t already read Part 1, 2, and 3, have a look here , here , and here.

Yesterday’s predictions – Did they come true?

OK so yesterday I shared the mad crazy inner workings of my mind, and some possible timelines that I predicted as we went for a drive down the coast to check out a couple of houses we are interested in.

These are the likely timelines I saw:  [Read more…]

A heartfelt truth from watching too many kids shows

It’s no secret that I am ALL for kids having screen time. In particular, I’m all for my night owl watching whateverthefuck is on, because sometimes it’s just too late for me to give AF.

I see so many kids music acts, and often the singers stand out to me. Not as great singers or entertainers, but because there’s just something WRONG with them.

Now before I go on – don’t get me wrong – there are some amazingly heartfelt talented people in this biz who are truly doing their soul work and fully expressing their soul on camera, and these people literally make me cry with their genius!  [Read more…]

Creating space to breathe / Creating space for creativity

Anna Shelley - Artist | Musician | Muse - Creating SpaceAt any given time I have about eleventy billion ideas running through my head.

Some are not that great. Most are amazing. The flow of ideas Just Doesn’t Stop! And my mad creative output is pretty wild.

But sometimes – just sometimes – I want to turn off that creative flow and just BE.

Sometimes I want these mad crazy ideas to leave me alone. Just for a little while.  [Read more…]

Treat yourself like the goddess you are and you will be rewarded like the goddess you are

Anna Shelley - Artist | Musician | MuseYou have not been true to yourself. You are not allowing your self to shine. You are not allowing YOU.

You get it but you don’t get it.

You understand it but you’re not embodying it.

THIS is the key to effortless joy and ease in life.

So what you want to call in, is pure joy and ease. You already know this. You’re KIND OF already doing it, but not fully. Not 100%.

Here’s what’s missing:  [Read more…]

Try this instead of setting intentions

intentions vs inspirationI am a musician and artist.

I make music. I dream. I create beautiful artwork.

I don’t do it with the INTENT of creating music, or for the SAKE of creating art.

I do it because I feel inspired to play with sound and colour, and it just so happens that music and art are born from it.

I just love beautiful things, and the end result is music and art. But do I care for the music and art? [Read more…]

At some point you’ve just got to quit thinking and start BEing

Anna Shelley - custom meditations, guided meditations, and all round manifesting badasseryAt some point you’ve just got to quit thinking and start BEing.

You know, sometimes I feel a little guilty for sharing so many of my thoughts, for possibly contributing to overwhelm, for possibly contributing to the self help world that assumes you are not good enough as you are and if only you THOUGHT differently then you’d be better, because you must be broken… or something like that.

But something that became apparent to me, when questioned if my music is “channeled”, I realised, once again, that over thinking and over analysing is not serving us.  [Read more…]

Meditation Music Video Clip

Every day I wake up for the first time, seeing the world through the eyes of my soul, and I wonder:

What would I like to do/create today?

My answer usually includes nature, visual art, and music. Sometimes I combination of 2 or 3 of those, simultaneously.

Today I was not intending to create a whole new meditation track. It was not on the list of things to do. I had no obligation. But as I experienced life through the eyes of my soul, I found myself improvising some music, recording it, producing it, then creating the album cover, and suddenly a video clip!

Enjoy 🙂


Gratitude, Telepathy, Connection

Anna Shelley intuitive mindset coachI was lying in bed, cuddling my 2 year old to sleep, when I felt this immense wave of gratitude flow through me, from my heart to his.

I felt so blessed that I had him, so that he could teach me to only do what is important to me, to only do my soul work.

You see, he was never an easy kid. He’s never slept more than 4 hours. He clings to me like a koala. He’s challenged me in ways I never thought imaginable. I still find myself crying every week or so, unable to surrender to this.

And there I was, lying in bed with him, helping him to sleep, and I thanked the universe for this challenge and this blessing. That he has enforced me to only do what my soul truly desires.  [Read more…]

A matter of opening up your heart and soul

A matter of opening up the heart and soulYou DO like to complicate things, don’t you?

Rather than always wanting to know HOW to do this, HOW to manifest awesome shit, HOW to live your soul purpose etc etc blah blah blah zzzzz…. Why don’t you just fucking do it?

BUT HOW???? I hear you scream as you bang your head against the wall!!!

Listen up and listen good:

It’s a matter of opening up your heart and your soul, and SURRENDERING to your soul – SURRENDERING to your soul’s calling.  [Read more…]

Tears of I-don’t-know-what bubble up

My heart is OH so open, and I can feel myself SURRENDER to my soul, as my feet tremble below me, and tears of I-don’t-know-what bubble up.

I want to purge all the sadness, hate, guilt, shame – all of it. I want to violently throw up this deep dark sadness that has me questioning my soul, my reality, my all.

So I do just that.

Energetically speaking.  [Read more…]