TIMELINES Part 4 of 4: Did yesterday’s predictions come true?

Timelines: Did yesterday's predictions come true?If you haven’t already read Part 1, 2, and 3, have a look here , here , and here.

Yesterday’s predictions – Did they come true?

OK so yesterday I shared the mad crazy inner workings of my mind, and some possible timelines that I predicted as we went for a drive down the coast to check out a couple of houses we are interested in.

These are the likely timelines I saw:  [Read more…]

Treat yourself like the goddess you are and you will be rewarded like the goddess you are

Anna Shelley - Artist | Musician | MuseYou have not been true to yourself. You are not allowing your self to shine. You are not allowing YOU.

You get it but you don’t get it.

You understand it but you’re not embodying it.

THIS is the key to effortless joy and ease in life.

So what you want to call in, is pure joy and ease. You already know this. You’re KIND OF already doing it, but not fully. Not 100%.

Here’s what’s missing:  [Read more…]

Whatever you want is yours for the taking

Anna Shelley - artist, musician, meditation maker, magic......YOU! You’re looking externally for answers again! Tune within, Tune within, Tune within!

Inside you lies the Universe. The Whole Wide Universe.

Are you willing to utilise its powers? Or are you happy letting it sit there in the dark?

Tune within. Tune within. Tune within!

Plug INTO that big universe that lies in the pit of your stomach. Tune INTO that universe that contains EVERYTHING – not only all the answers you’ll ever need, but here you can access all the MATTER you’ll ever need and want.  [Read more…]

A matter of opening up your heart and soul

A matter of opening up the heart and soulYou DO like to complicate things, don’t you?

Rather than always wanting to know HOW to do this, HOW to manifest awesome shit, HOW to live your soul purpose etc etc blah blah blah zzzzz…. Why don’t you just fucking do it?

BUT HOW???? I hear you scream as you bang your head against the wall!!!

Listen up and listen good:

It’s a matter of opening up your heart and your soul, and SURRENDERING to your soul – SURRENDERING to your soul’s calling.  [Read more…]

Self Mastery of the Mind / Body / Spirit

soul blueprint codeWhat does your soul crave right now?

Self mastery.

Mastery of the mind/body/spirit.

Now get this: You already HAVE mastery of the spirit. THAT is a GIVEN.

The only problem is you’ve forgotten it.

You’ve forgotten who you are at soul level. You’ve forgotten how to allow things to be easy. And therefore what you’ve never quite mastered, is how to be your soul in your body.  [Read more…]

Pure Shakti Bliss

Anna Shelley - Artist A.F.Your soul is LONGING, it is YEARNING, for that which you do not provide.

So… What is it you must provide your soul?


Every day.

You are already up with #soulfuelment, fuelling your soul FIRST, living life THROUGH fuelling your soul, making life all ABOUT soulfuelment, but you are not giving yourself the BLISS your soul YEARNS for.

We are not talking about creative outlets, nurturing yourself with good food, having space to just breathe and just BE. This goes BEYOND that.  [Read more…]

The True Bliss of an Artist

the true bliss of artWhat’s inside of you, dear Artist, dear Creator, dear Expressionist, is not something to be feared. It’s not something to be kept hidden away. It’s not even something that needs to be dug out with a pick axe like you’re digging for gold.

What’s lurking inside of you – that bright bright energy – wants to be gently released into this world. With love, with nurturing care, with gentle touch, and with you appreciating and experiencing it’s natural glow.  [Read more…]

Burn Baby Burn!

Burn Baby Burn! You are a free spirit. No one quashes YOUR soul! No one quashes YOU! You are on FIRE, baby! Burn, baby, burn!!!

You shine your own fucking light thank you very much, and your soul will tell you this much for nothing:

I do whatever the FUCK I want, however the FUCK I want, whenever the FUCK I want, wherever the FUCK I want. 

You quash me? You suppress me? You try to dampen me with your blankets of Caution, Inertia, and Overthinking?

Then you better be ready for the RAGE.  [Read more…]

Journaling prompts to raise your vibe and change your life

Anna Shelley : Personalised Meditations, Guided Meditations + Intuitive MentoringYou already know I’m BIG into journaling.

I’ve always KIND of been into it, but more deliberately over the past few years.

Today’s journalling prompts are:

  • I am
  • I KNOW
  • I do
  • I have
  • I bank
  • And right now, as the above is already DONE, I choose to

[Read more…]

The Universal Law of No Rules

Manifesting and the universal law of attractionDear dear dear dear me… So much TRYING, right? So much PUSHING. So much Following The Rules. And that’s pretty slack for a rule breaker, right? Or are you not really a rule breaker after all?

I see you following the steps, the protocols, the NORM – even though this norm of yours is not THE norm, it’s still a norm nonetheless – and you know what breaks my heart? You think this is the way to freedom. You think following these steps of tuning within, manifesting like a mofo, meditating, journaling, reflecting, thinking, exploring your art, sharing your art, being You etc – you think all these steps are the way to go but listen up and listen good:  [Read more…]