What happens when your soul doesn’t give a fuck what you’re manifesting?

We want to feel EXPANSIVE - Anna Shelley - Mindset, Meditations, Music, MagicI had a question about manifesting from a reader the other day, and I knew the answer might turn out a bit long, so thought it would be something good to share here 🙂

“My problem is my heart or head wants one thing but my soul is happy as things are. So when I sit down to write my list of what I want to manifest this week, month or day I am constantly crossing things off. What can I do?”

Firstly, I get it. I get you. Totally.

I get all existential like this too. I start to think what my soul most desires, and when I get in that line of thought, I communicate with my soul, and honestly – my soul doesn’t have any desires other than to freely be.  [Read more…]

Read this when you find that other people are getting in your way

You, my dear, are STRONGNo one is preventing you from doing anything but you.

It is ALL in your head! It IS all in your head!

You are trying to blame other people for YOU not moving on, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. But they are not stopping you! [Read more…]

Your inner GENIUS is just BURSTING to get out!

Are you ready to fall head over heels in alignment with your soul?You know when you have all this stuff that’s inside of you and it is just BURSTING to get out and be released to the world but you Just Don’t Know where to start, and where it will lead, and when it will end, and you don’t even know the full POINT of it?

And you know when you’re on the verge of this – let’s face it – GENIUS – you could either jump into the unknown and free fall your way there OR you could stay standing safely on the edge of the cliff looking out at the beauty from a distance?

Well… I’ve been there. Many times. I’m there again now. I’ve jumped off that cliff so many times.  [Read more…]

Live in a parallel universe (ie Step UP and INTO the Next Level)

I made a choice to step THROUGH the door to the parallel universe where we live as though our daydreams are realA lot of people say you can’t live with your head in the clouds all the time. That you must get back to reality. Or that you have to go back to the regular functional day to day things.

But – what if those regular day to day things ALSO existed when your head is in the clouds and you can continue to operate from that point?

That’s me right now.

It’s a choice I made.  [Read more…]

DECLARE and DECIDE (the easy way to facilitate change)

Declare and decide - the easy way to manifestI want to share with you this powerful invitation of self love, which facilitates actual real tangible self love and instant manifesting.

First, listen to this 4 minute meditation:

Then, the process we use is dead fucking simple. [Read more…]

How to go ALL IN on your intuition

How to go ALL IN on your intuitionThis is a written meditation/activation, and an excerpt from my book.

It’s time to reach for the clouds, baby! It’s time to go ALL IN on your intuition, and follow your SOUL.

So loosen yourself up. Shake out your limbs a bit. Roll your shoulders. Loosen your neck. Align your spine. And take in a big breath.

Let this breath fill up your body with excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm, and zest for BEing.  [Read more…]

Dream, Dream, Baby!


Can’t this stillness last forever?
Can’t this space to breathe just be?
Don’t want to go back to reality.
I just want to be free.

But when you say reality
Is not your ideal freedom,
What you are specifically saying
Is that you can not beat them.

Who are you trying to beat?
Who are you trying to outdo?
All you need to be right now
Is your self – yes, You!

So now you’re in this stillness
You must create that feel
And when you come back down to earth
Just make that dream for real.

Dream, Dream, Baby!
To the stars and sky so blue.
Dream, Dream, Baby!
And make that dream come true.

Take your vibe up a notch (or 10) – Rewriting my Default 2.0

I’ve written before about rewiring my brain to have a new default pattern for when I’m feeling a bit shitty.

The plan was, and still is, if I’m feeling frustrated or angsty, then instead of having a meltdown, I decided I’d go into my heart space and live through that (BTW there’s a meditation for that 😉 )

And now I’m feeling called to update this default.

You see, going into my heart space is good and all, but all it does is shift my mindset.  [Read more…]

You haven’t learnt to say No yet

Anna Shelley - custom meditations, guided meditations, and all round manifesting badasseryI was having a conversation with someone a couple of weeks ago, and she’s a fabulous person in every way, but she said something that I find very interesting, and completely disagree with.

She said to me:

Ahh so you haven’t learnt to say No yet.

Honestly? I was kind of dumbfounded.  [Read more…]

The Lone Wolf Muse, and some questions to ask in meditation

The Freedom You Seek Is All In Your Mind - Lone Wolf MeditationYou can’t rely on ANYONE except yourself.

Oh yeah, it’s NICE, and in fact AWESOME to have a support network.

You are familiar with the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well how about this: It takes a village FULL STOP.

But I KNOW that in this modern world where we are so separated from who we are and who we were and those around us, that we can NOT rely on ANYONE but ourselves. And what’s more, I strangely encourage this line of thinking to pull you UP and OUT and IN to the next version of your self.

Because get this: The freedom you seek is all in your mind. [Read more…]