TIMELINES Part 4 of 4: Did yesterday’s predictions come true?

Timelines: Did yesterday's predictions come true?If you haven’t already read Part 1, 2, and 3, have a look here , here , and here.

Yesterday’s predictions – Did they come true?

OK so yesterday I shared the mad crazy inner workings of my mind, and some possible timelines that I predicted as we went for a drive down the coast to check out a couple of houses we are interested in.

These are the likely timelines I saw:  [Read more…]

TIMELINES PART 2: Changing the FUTURE by changing the PRESENT

Timelines: Changing the future to change the presentIf you haven’t already read Part 1, have a look here.

OK So I’m really enjoying this timeline bizniz… I really feel that I can SEE timelines. I can FEEL them. And there is no emotion attached to them. I am indifferent. Side note: Emotion is ego based so it does not have a role in timelines.

But what about influencing timelines? Shall we just get to the nitty gritty?

OK, first remember that little side note above – Emotion has no place in timelines. So if you are HOPING for an outcome, if you are really REALLY wishing for a particular timeline to play out, then you’re going about it the wrong way. It MIGHT happen anyway, but not due to the emotion.

And this isn’t some law of attraction exercise where you must feel all positive and raise your vibe, and avoid thinking negative thoughts. It’s got nothing to do with that.

This is emotionless matter-of-fact (energy-of-fact) time. This is what Einstein was on about. Relativity. Time. All that jazz.  [Read more…]

Creating space to breathe / Creating space for creativity

Anna Shelley - Artist | Musician | Muse - Creating SpaceAt any given time I have about eleventy billion ideas running through my head.

Some are not that great. Most are amazing. The flow of ideas Just Doesn’t Stop! And my mad creative output is pretty wild.

But sometimes – just sometimes – I want to turn off that creative flow and just BE.

Sometimes I want these mad crazy ideas to leave me alone. Just for a little while.  [Read more…]

Treat yourself like the goddess you are and you will be rewarded like the goddess you are

Anna Shelley - Artist | Musician | MuseYou have not been true to yourself. You are not allowing your self to shine. You are not allowing YOU.

You get it but you don’t get it.

You understand it but you’re not embodying it.

THIS is the key to effortless joy and ease in life.

So what you want to call in, is pure joy and ease. You already know this. You’re KIND OF already doing it, but not fully. Not 100%.

Here’s what’s missing:  [Read more…]

Whatever you want is yours for the taking

Anna Shelley - artist, musician, meditation maker, magic......YOU! You’re looking externally for answers again! Tune within, Tune within, Tune within!

Inside you lies the Universe. The Whole Wide Universe.

Are you willing to utilise its powers? Or are you happy letting it sit there in the dark?

Tune within. Tune within. Tune within!

Plug INTO that big universe that lies in the pit of your stomach. Tune INTO that universe that contains EVERYTHING – not only all the answers you’ll ever need, but here you can access all the MATTER you’ll ever need and want.  [Read more…]

At some point you’ve just got to quit thinking and start BEing

Anna Shelley - custom meditations, guided meditations, and all round manifesting badasseryAt some point you’ve just got to quit thinking and start BEing.

You know, sometimes I feel a little guilty for sharing so many of my thoughts, for possibly contributing to overwhelm, for possibly contributing to the self help world that assumes you are not good enough as you are and if only you THOUGHT differently then you’d be better, because you must be broken… or something like that.

But something that became apparent to me, when questioned if my music is “channeled”, I realised, once again, that over thinking and over analysing is not serving us.  [Read more…]

Meditation Music Video Clip

Every day I wake up for the first time, seeing the world through the eyes of my soul, and I wonder:

What would I like to do/create today?

My answer usually includes nature, visual art, and music. Sometimes I combination of 2 or 3 of those, simultaneously.

Today I was not intending to create a whole new meditation track. It was not on the list of things to do. I had no obligation. But as I experienced life through the eyes of my soul, I found myself improvising some music, recording it, producing it, then creating the album cover, and suddenly a video clip!

Enjoy 🙂


A matter of opening up your heart and soul

A matter of opening up the heart and soulYou DO like to complicate things, don’t you?

Rather than always wanting to know HOW to do this, HOW to manifest awesome shit, HOW to live your soul purpose etc etc blah blah blah zzzzz…. Why don’t you just fucking do it?

BUT HOW???? I hear you scream as you bang your head against the wall!!!

Listen up and listen good:

It’s a matter of opening up your heart and your soul, and SURRENDERING to your soul – SURRENDERING to your soul’s calling.  [Read more…]

How to access your deep soul wisdom

Anna Shelley - artist, musician, meditation maker, magic......The body contains all the wisdom that spans all time and space. This is ingrained upon you as an earth element. The wisdom comes from the Earth. It rises up through the ashes, through the trees, through the plants, and it cycles through you as you consume the plants and breathe the air. As you exhale, you are imparting your unique wisdom back into the cycle.The clouds absorb it, it rains down on the earth, the earth, the trees, the animals, the people – all absorb it – and the cycle continues.

Of course, this is talking about the wisdom of the Earth, but the Earth has its own cycle of wisdom that ebbs and flows through space. And thus, we have the infinite wisdom, spanning all time and space, within us.  [Read more…]

Pure Shakti Bliss

Anna Shelley - Artist A.F.Your soul is LONGING, it is YEARNING, for that which you do not provide.

So… What is it you must provide your soul?


Every day.

You are already up with #soulfuelment, fuelling your soul FIRST, living life THROUGH fuelling your soul, making life all ABOUT soulfuelment, but you are not giving yourself the BLISS your soul YEARNS for.

We are not talking about creative outlets, nurturing yourself with good food, having space to just breathe and just BE. This goes BEYOND that.  [Read more…]