Read this when you find that other people are getting in your way

You, my dear, are STRONGNo one is preventing you from doing anything but you.

It is ALL in your head! It IS all in your head!

You are trying to blame other people for YOU not moving on, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. But they are not stopping you! [Read more…]

Remember this when you’re feeling “not good enough”

Feeling not good enough? You're the same as everyone else.Ok… so you’re having a “not good enough” moment.

Whoopdidoo. Big deal. You want a medal?

EVERYBODY goes through this. Everybody. Guaranteed.  [Read more…]

Anxiety crept up on me

With complacency comes anxietyI felt this anxious feeling bubbling up inside of me.

Everything is going great, so I don’t know why. Good biz. Good life. Good kid…

But something was not right. Clearly.

So I tuned within, and found the problem…  [Read more…]

Soulfuelment First – You gotta have it or you’ll die

SoulfuelmentJust so you know:

I can’t NOT do this stuff.

It’s in my bones. It’s in my DNA!

When my son was a very little baby, I saw a psychologist for post natal depression, or anxiety, or just plain old I Can’t Handle A Baby Who Doesn’t Sleep And Therefore Not Have A Single Second To Myself.

I told her I HAVE to create art. I HAVE to create stuff. I HAVE to work. I HAVE TO I HAVE TO I HAVE TO because IT’S WHO I AM goddamnit and if I can’t do this, then what is there left for me in this world?!  [Read more…]

Soulfuelment First

Become the Universe within youSoulfuelment.

It’s gotta come first.

Not even second.

But first.

Now I’m the first to say to put your kids first, if they’re not capable of fending for themselves, but EVEN WHILE you are busy creating functioning human beings (or dogs or cats or mothers or grandparents or rhubarb) you can be SIMULTANEOUSLY fueling your soul.

HOW? [Read more…]

Take your vibe up a notch (or 10) – Rewriting my Default 2.0

I’ve written before about rewiring my brain to have a new default pattern for when I’m feeling a bit shitty.

The plan was, and still is, if I’m feeling frustrated or angsty, then instead of having a meltdown, I decided I’d go into my heart space and live through that (BTW there’s a meditation for that 😉 )

And now I’m feeling called to update this default.

You see, going into my heart space is good and all, but all it does is shift my mindset.  [Read more…]

If you’re not sure of the next step you need to take, read this

There is nothing to DO, but everything to BEThere is nothing you have to DO, but everything you want to BE.

Don’t WORRY about the next step.

Don’t WORRY about the great plans you have.

Don’t WORRY about implementation.


All you need to do is BE.  [Read more…]

Where do you draw the line?

Where is the line between looking after others and looking after ourselves?The other day I hosted my free virtual hangout, Coffee with Anna, and we pondered some interesting questions…

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that we all wish to be compassionate and kind, and at the same time we want to look after ourselves so that we feel good within ourselves.

But think about this…

Where is the line between being compassionate and being a push over? [Read more…]

How to get in flow

How to be in flow - art from the heartGet in flow! Get in flow! Get in flow!

We all want to get in flow – to BE in flow – because this is when we are in our highest place of alignment, it’s when things, it’s when we’re in the most joy, and most importantly it’s when we just.feel.good.

But sometimes it feels like we’re just missing the mark.

In between kid wrangling, partner wrangling, house wrangling, and let’s face it – wrangling ourselves around all this – we just kind of lose the plot.  [Read more…]

A written meditation to restore your mind/body/soul set point

Anna Shelley - custom meditationI’d love to share a meditation that I just took myself through while driving around, willing the toddler to sleep…

This is a written meditation that you can do as you read along…………..


I invite you to bring your attention to your breath.

You don’t have to sit still with your eyes closed for this. If you can, that’s fantastic, if not, then that’s amazing that you can multitask 🙂  [Read more…]