Magical Music and Art CommissionsHello!

Yes, I take commissions! (That’s why you’re here, right?)

I wanted to spell out how I work on a page here so there is no confusion. I can be a little short on words, but BIG on magic. So take the deal below as it is – short on words, but big magic residing within 🙂

Music Commissions

Here’s how I work:

  • All my music is improvised.
  • I do very little editing.
  • I have full creative freedom.
  • I make music with intent – this is infused into the sound frequencies.
  • All I need from you is the duration (up to 60 minutes) of recorded music, and perhaps a few words of intent for me into infuse into the sound.
  • After discussing terms and payment, I allow the magic to bubble up within me, and when it is ready, I create.

Art Commissions

As with my music, I have a certain style, which is the magic from my soul. Here’s how my art commissions work:

  • It is all very intuitive, and I can never tell you what it will look like before it is started, or even during the creative process.
  • I have full creative freedom.
  • All I need from you is a guide to size, and perhaps a few words of intent to be infused into the work.
  • After discussing terms and payment, I allow the creative muse to work in the background until it is ready to materialise.


I am open to working in fun and interesting ways that I haven’t thought of yet. If how I like to work (intuitively and improvised) fits in with you, then let’s talk!

With any commission, the deal is:

It is presumed you are already familiar with my style, and that is what you are wanting – my creative energy that bubbles up as it does, and the unique expression that forms.

I don’t take direction too well – It’s not that I don’t like or appreciate you. It’s more that I work best MY way, and not some other way. It’s like trying to get a jazz sax player to play first violin in a symphony – sure, they could work it out, but it’s just not their thing.

This is my thing. And I humbly welcome you into my world.

If this is speaking to you, simply contact me to enquire about commissions.