Death, Dark, and The Underworld

The beauty of this is while most people are afraid of depression, of feeling down, of The Dark – I relish in it. I welcome it. I am friends with it.

Where I walk paths with The Dark, magik happens.

Where I embrace The Dark, I get to show people their real emotions. I get to be a mirror. In a safe way. With music. And feeling. And comfort and validation and assurance and care and love. Love in The Dark is what we all need.
Moon Dreaming from From The Spheres

While I walk alongside The Dark – one foot in there, the other foot in our colourful world – I sometimes wonder – Am I working for Death himself? Or maybe… perhaps… I am Death.

This feeling that I am living in The Underworld, right here, right now, is unbreakable. It is a force. Not to be reckoned with, but to embrace. Not to light up in bubbles of joy, but to sink back into.

The world can be deathly at times. And deathly times call for deathly measures. This, I am as sure of as the snow is white.

So, where to from here?

I can cast a shadow on your world. I can can bring it to its knees. But I choose not that. The thing I do best is holding a mirror up to your face, so you can stare Death in the eye.

Everyone feels it on some level. But most choose to ignore it.

I give you permission to feel.

I give you permission to drop the walls.

I give you permission to sink down into The Underworld, knowing it is the safest place you’ve been.

I give you permission to walk alongside The Dark.

I give you permission to be The Dark as much as you’ve tried to be the light.

I give you permission to BE.