Ego is NOT a dirty word (Let me explain the layers of your Self)

Ego is not a dirty word. I’m having a bit of an existential moment. Well, I have these moments pretty much daily. But this morning, whence I put Peppa Pig on repeat for my son, and meditated while simultaneously eating ice cream and waiting for my coffee to cool down enough to drink, I peeled back the layers of my human self.

Layer by layer.

Til I got to my soul. 

I peeled back my physical shell.

Then my racing mind.

My personality.

My thoughts.

My emotions.

My feelings.

My loves.

And then I came to my soul.


It was a small light in a vast Universe.

And kind of lonely, so far away from the other stars.

Yes, I thought, you CAN strip yourself bare, and BE your soul. But then what? You just get lost in a sea of other souls. You are a tiny star amongst millions, amongst billions, for all eternity, in the darkness of the night sky…………..

While I DO wish to LIVE by the truth of my soul, and I DO wish to live out my soul’s desires, I realise – I have no desires. My soul has everything it needs to shine. All it has to do is EXIST.

But my ego wants more than to just exist. And is that such a bad thing?

Ego is not a dirty word.

(apologies for the ear worm)


Ego is NOT a dirty word.

Without ego, we don’t create dreams. We don’t create amazing things. We don’t test human strength or stamina or speed.

Without ego we don’t tease or torture or murder.

But don’t you think the good outweighs the bad?

As we peel off the layers that cloud our soul, we realise that some of these layers are in fact quite incredible. Some of these layers are dusty. Some are clouding our light and hiding our positives. And some are transparent layers that simply add another dimension to the incredibility of our existence.

We have many layers. Some come and go. Some make us feel good, and some make us feel sad.

As souls inhabiting a human body, we are here to experience all the layers that make up humanity.

Our humanness is what determines if we like the layers or not. Our humanness is what determines whether we want to create change in these layers or not. And our humanness determines our ability to create change, the speed at which we do it, and the type of changes, or transformation, that takes place.

Like the caterpillar that turns into the butterfly, like the chameleon that blends in to its surroundings, or like the shape shifters of conspiracy theorists and aliens alike……..

We can change. We can morph. We can create our selves and our reality.

But first, we might like to look at the layers, and see them for what they are, so that we can decide what we wish to keep, what we wish to change, and what we wish to change.


Let’s take a look at the layers surrounding our soul that make us human.

On the very outside we have our outer shell, our epidermis, our skin, hair, nails, and our physical appearance.

What’s below the surface?

The organs, the neuro transmitters, the hormones etc – our functionality.

Our mind.

Our thoughts.

Our emotions.

Our passions.

Our feelings.

Our senses.

Our loves.

Our soul.

What forms our personality? Where does THAT fit in?

Well, it’s a combination of all those layers and how they interact with one another.

When some layers become dark and cloudy (like emotions running high, or our racing mind) then our soul becomes more hidden.

When the outer layers become cloudy, they hide the layers underneath them.

When we feel down, or despair, or angry, or anxious, or frustrated, or suppressed, the relevant layers get murky. They go from clear to a transparent grey to brown to black.

If your emotions are clouded, or if you take on the clouds of others, then no one, including yourself, can see your passions or your loves, or your golden shining soul.

You need these layers, which form the ego, because without them you become a personality-less star. Which is fine, but doesn’t fulfill you.

If you can peel back all those layers and experience your soul, ask your soul what it needs in order to shine brighter and expand.

🔸What brings you the most delight?

🔸What gives you the most #soulfuelment?

🔸What can you do to follow your soul/intuition in a way that serves your human desires and potential?

🔸What can you do to allow your bright soul to shine through the layers and emanate through your human self?

These are BIG questions. But they aren’t meant to be complex.

Seeing yourself through your layers, and allowing your soul to express itself, using these layers as a vehicle for expression is what makes you human, and is your driving force.

The AMAZING thing is You Get To Be The Driver.

Now – who of You is driving?

The soul? The ego? Or are they co-pilots?

If you can get your mind to be in alignment with your soul, then you can operate as a MindSoul co-pilot, doing, creating, and BEing as you please, in a way that fulfills both your mind and your soul, which brings you complete and utter fulfilment.

So… What next?

YOU decide how you wish your soul to filter through the layers.

Your MIND gets to make this decision.

Your HUMAN SELF has complete free will here.

So it’s up to you.

What do you choose?



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