Even when…

Anna Shelley : Musician | Artist | Muse

Even when I am tired AF,
Even when I am all woe is me,
Even when I wonder what’s wrong with me,
Even when I think it’s me against the world,
I know I am unconditionally supported
By the universe,
The mother source,
The original matrix that I was born of,
The fabric of reality that weaves through our very existence.
All I have to do is
Let the mothership support me,
Build me,
Rejuvenate me,
Replenish me,
Activate me,
And remind me that I am whole.
And then I remember
Just how grateful I am
To walk this earth,
Just how grateful I am,
To be a custodian of this earth,
Just how grateful I am,
That I get to take part in shaping the future.
What a playground we live in!
I love it all.