How to get in flow

How to be in flow - art from the heartGet in flow! Get in flow! Get in flow!

We all want to get in flow – to BE in flow – because this is when we are in our highest place of alignment, it’s when things, it’s when we’re in the most joy, and most importantly it’s when we just.feel.good.

But sometimes it feels like we’re just missing the mark.

In between kid wrangling, partner wrangling, house wrangling, and let’s face it – wrangling ourselves around all this – we just kind of lose the plot. 

So we create Me Time, or a bit of “self care”, or whatever you want to call it, but we just never fully come Home to our selves, to our soul.

How do we get to that place of flow when we’re so busy doing all the things that need to be done?



Allow that fresh air to flow THROUGH you, like the waves flow through the rocks at the beach.

It just flows in, out, around, and THROUGH.

Allow your heart centre to open up, creating a hollow tunnel for this air to flow through – like a channel for the water.

And like a channel for the water to freely flow THROUGH, so too can your inner wisdom, your soul’s expression, and your creativity flow THROUGH this heart centre.

As you breathe, feel the air flow THROUGH your heart centre, and allow it to stir up the silt that rests in your soul.

Allow this silt to sift THROUGH you.

Allow your SOUL to flow THROUGH you.


And….. notice……….. What is it that flows out?


It’s your creative expression. Your freedom of expression. It’s the expression of the essence of your soul.

Now this – THIS is your key to unlocking your flow channel.

You can turn on this tap of creative expression at any time.

If you want, you can even LEAVE IT ON.

Imagine how THAT would feel!


Now… this FLOW that is flowing THROUGH you – whatever it is – ACT upon it. Act now. And act always.


I don’t know what this flow looks like for you, but for me I need to create from the heart, and I need to be out in nature. Daily.


I wonder, if you followed Flow daily, how would things be for you?


Personally for me, it’s brilliant and full of abundance in every way.

I dare you to follow Flow for a whole day, and see how it goes.


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