I did a merkabah meditation and then this happened…

Yesterday I was diving into the merkabah and its meanings. I’ve dived into it several years ago when the image of it came to me during meditation, but it wasn’t until afterwards that I looked it up to see that it is a sacred geometric shape used in several cultures.

Here’s one I drew about 2 years ago… oh, and there’s an interesting correlation here I just remembered. More on this later…

merkaba and flower of life sacred geometry symbols

I don’t want to go into the multitude of meanings culminating in this special shape – that’s an essay in itself! – but I’ll tell you what happened when I meditated on it yesterday…

First up was a group meditation online where we got to experience being surrounded by the merkabah and feel surrounded by words we chose to embody. My word was Expansion, which for me means expansion and growth in all areas, with an ease that feels joyful and very normal in life. In the meditation, the merkabah was spinning at a giddy speed for me, and I realised it was not for my mind to keep up, but for my whole body to be supported by it. The meditation was deeply relaxing, and I came out of it in deep chill mode.

A few minutes later I got an email to say 2 of my photos will be used in the first issue of a brand new literary journal. I’m pretty excited by this, because I think the photos are great, and also I found that this process was incredibly powerful and magical.

And an interesting correlation, which I only just realised now, is that the image above is on my camera bag! When I bought my camera, I couldn’t find any cases that I liked for it. I didn’t want anything made of leather or plastic, I wanted a simple handle I could loop around my wrist, I wanted pockets inside, and I wanted it to look good. I couldn’t find anything at all so I designed my own and got it made. This is the very image on my camera bag, and when I meditated on the merkabah – the very home of my camera – my camera magicked up some expansion of its own! How delightful!

merkabah camera bag

Anyway, since it had been quite a while since I last meditated on the merkabah, I decided to do a little reading on it and feel into it some more. Every time I visualised it, it was spinning at such a fast giddying pace that I honestly felt I could take off at any moment. I thought it would be amazing to meditate on it with the very specific intention of manifestation.

So as I lay in bed getting ready for sleep, I meditated and saw the merkabah surrounding me. It spun at such a superluminal speed – faster than the speed of light – that it tapped into all dimensions. I then found it could travel wherever I desired. And that it was also the container that housed my essence and my truth. I called upon it to bring these truths into reality. I did not know – or even need to know – what these truths were. But I was calling them in because I knew that the faster my soul expression is realised, the faster everything can manifest before my very eyes. I then grounded this into my reality by opening my eyes as I felt it, and promptly went to sleep.

This morning I woke up, forgetting about yesterday’s experiences. But I had a feeling the Apple Music playlist that one of my songs – Teardrop – has been featured in, may have been updated. I was right! Teardrop was no longer at #4 on the list. It had dropped to #15. But then I saw that today’s new release, Hey Now, was on the list too! At #6! So I am pretty stoked about that. The magic of expansion is at work. Perhaps I will meditate on this daily for a week to see what happens next 🙂

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