I Remember What It Was Like To Teleport

I remember what it was like to teleport.

In the blink of an eye, I am there. I was there.

But now, I wade through physical time and space and it is so slow and heavy.

I remember what it was like to communicate via telepathic concepts.

In the blink of an eye, I understand. I understood. 

But then, when I try to formulate it into words, it feels muddy and heavy, and the words disappear from underneath me.

But I remember. I see it all. I feel it all. The instancy. The immediacy. The wild love. The wild abundance. The force of all energy emanating from within us.

Powerful powerful stuff.

And as I remember, I slowly formulate the words to question: How can I operate the same way here?

And the answer that comes from that powerful source within:

You don’t operate the same here, because the physics are not the same.

You can, however, expect to realise the physical transformations from this same energetic force.

You do this by remembering.

Remember what it’s like to experience that instancy – that immediacy – of travel, of communication, of formation.

Remember this. Act it out in your remembrance. And you will see the physical world begin to shift.

And also, remember this: In this astral realm there is no ownership, no leadership, no governing forces, no worry, no fear, no doubt, no questioning. Everything just is. It is perfect. And everyone is in immense gratitude, bliss, and peace within themselves, first and foremost, and therefore as a collective.

Now THAT is powerful powerful stuff.

Always remember it x