What is Inspiration?In Spire

In Spirare

Into Breathe

Breathe In

IN-spiration comes from withIN.

That breath of life sparks something inside of us to aspire to something more. Our heart lights up and we are turned ON when we are tuned IN.

But because we like to complicate things, we often find ourselves looking externally for inspiration.

We might find it in other people, in art, in nature…

Whenever we see it externally, we are seeing a direct reflection of the spark within us.

When we are not feeling inspired, the only solution is to go within. Through the breath, through meditation, through a conversation with the Universe, through stillness – it doesn’t matter how, but it’s always found within.

Sometimes we feel flat and we search and search and search. We can’t find it inside of us so we look externally at other people and things. But if only we sat still in nature and looked at the trees, the water, the sky – we’d see that nature does not seek external inspiration. It simply IS inspiration.

And since we are a product of Mother Nature, we simply ARE inspiration.

We are inspiring as long as we are breathing.

Literally, of course.

Figuratively, if we allow it.

How often do you allow it?



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