It’s ok to be Dark

Anna ShelleyLuckily I have read and re-read my own words on walking with the Dark enough to remember that it’s ok to feel it, it’s ok to hold its hand and walk side by side with the Dark.

Here’s another reminder.

It’s ok to be dark.

It’s ok to be friends with the Dark. In fact, it’s a necessity. 

For if you do not make friends with the Dark, you will forever think it’s wrong and that there’s something wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong with a dark cloud following you wherever you go.

There is nothing wrong with being Dark AF and simultaneously shining your light.

It’s ok to shine the Darkness and sprinkle it’s magical complexities and superb shades of subtleties that are so delicious and dare I say – desirable – in its unfathomable mystique.

It’s ok.


It’s a must.

Shine that beautiful Darkness wherever you go.

It’s so beautiful. It’s luscious. It’s rich. It’s unbelievably and undeniably perfect.

So roll with it.

Feel it all.

Embrace it.

All Night Long.