Lion’s Gate Portal Code and Meditation Music

Lion’s Gate Portal Activation and Information, channeled from the Astral Realms….

Well firstly, the numbers you attribute meaning to, really don’t have that much meaning. What does have meaning is the linear timeframes that you experience, and the readiness of the collective to shift and morph into a new frequency.

Did you know that your physical plane will increase its vibration to the astral realms? 

Of course you know that.

It happens in the blink of an eye, just as a new star is formed, so too can your physical reality shift.

And it’s all about the collective consciousness. The average state of being that we all live in.

Now – there is nothing wrong with feeling all the feels, and so you should feel all the feels, as this is how we embrace love and compassion. But when there are so many people operating out of fear, scarcity, bureaucracy, and dogma, that’s where our state of being is brought down. These areas of humanity also serve as great teachers of love and compassion – for all, not just the obvious suffering, but for all the perpertraters whose souls are truly being suppressed in their state of being.

So as you slowly feel your own shifts, so too does the collective – so too do all those operating in the same plane as you.

So, if you are feeling the call, now is the time to:

  • Stand in your power as you walk this Earth as your sovereign self.
  • Tune within – daily – multiple times a day – consciously – until it becomes the norm for you to live as your soul intends.
  • Be who you are meant to be.
  • Live how you are meant to live.
  • Sink into love, gratitude, compassion, and embrace the beauty that you see emanating from within.

This is how the collective shifts.

Individually, we are one <3



(I would like to also add that this applies to all years and all points in time that you feel the call, not only during the Lion’s Gate Portal period.)