Lockdown Life

This week I’ve done pretty much nothing, but accepted the extreme lethargy that comes with life in lockdown. My goal has been to be happy with not achieving anything.

As someone who has always strived to win – from music competitions growing up, to powerlifting and kettlebell competitions later on – it’s been an interesting process being happy with being average. I’ve always been either all in, or all out. This middle ground is unfamiliar and curious.

As I walk through the cool waters of Middle Ground, I find my feet dipping into muddy sections. Days consist of playing Lego, reading and making comics, watching new vegetable seeds start to pop up in the soil, and ordering vegan doughnuts online.

I find that our existence can be spent entirely on the couch, with no need to ever leave the house. We get most things delivered, and I noticed my car has been parked in the same spot since last weekend. I haven’t driven anywhere in 5 or 6 days. And please tell me why oh why vegan doughnuts, must you be so tasty and delivered straight to my door? I had to delete the Facebook ad for them so I am not constantly reminded by their convenient hug in a box.

And yet, through all this, I see once again that arts and culture are the most important things holding the threads of humanity together.

What would we do without movies, books, and music? What would we do without needing to get our hands dirty in the soil or from the paint pallet?

Once again I am reminded that our monetary economy is an illusion, and the richest commodity is creation.

Music and video created during covid lockdown in Melbourne