The Lone Wolf Muse, and some questions to ask in meditation

The Freedom You Seek Is All In Your Mind - Lone Wolf MeditationYou can’t rely on ANYONE except yourself.

Oh yeah, it’s NICE, and in fact AWESOME to have a support network.

You are familiar with the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well how about this: It takes a village FULL STOP.

But I KNOW that in this modern world where we are so separated from who we are and who we were and those around us, that we can NOT rely on ANYONE but ourselves. And what’s more, I strangely encourage this line of thinking to pull you UP and OUT and IN to the next version of your self.

Because get this: The freedom you seek is all in your mind.

If you feel trapped, or held back, or weighed down – it’s all in your mind.

I know there are practicalities going on for you too, but it’s all in your mind whether you want to allow that freedom to think rule your world or not.

It’s ALL in your mind.

EVERYTHING you see is a direct reflection of what is going on in your mind. EVERYTHING.

Case in point: Feel pissed off? You’re going to see many more things that piss you off. Angry? Yeah, you probably read the news too. Sad? Yeah, you probably compare shit stories. Happy? Well you see all the roses, don’t you?

I know this is simplistic. I know there’s more to it than simply putting on your rose coloured glasses, but the first thing you need to realise is that you have the freedom inside your mind to think whatever you choose. And if you have this freedom to THINK, then you also have the freedom to BE.

Listen up:

If you have this freedom that is in your mind, you can choose to walk the path of freedom or you can send that monkey mind of your back to the Woe Is Me Pity Party. So which will it be today?

Will you take responsibility for your freedom? Or will you give that responsibility to someone else?

Will you take responsibility for see the world as you choose? Or will you give that responsibility to someone else?

Will you take responsibility to create your world on your terms? Or will you give that responsibility to someone else?

It’s that fucking simple.

Simple. Not always easy. But this is the path of the Lone Wolf.

There is nothing lonely about the Lone Wolf.

There is only freedom.

You have the freedom to take on the Lone Wolf as your muse and say, “Show me this freedom! Show me what it looks like! Show me! Show me! Show me! Allow me to see it!”

(Seriously, go into meditation, call upon the Lone Wolf, and ask those questions. It’s beautiful. I just did it myself.)

You have the freedom to create your freedom. It’s up to you to choose it.



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