It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll 🎶

Anna Shelley

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll… Trust me, I KNOW.

Sometimes it feels like we’re all climbing our way to the top – wherever the top is for you – when what we really want is to return to ground zero.

While we’re busy trying to get to the top, we’re piling on the make up, the accessories, the hair, and forgetting about where all this stuff came from in the first place.

If you drop all the masks and shadows, are you still rock n roll? Or something else?

I probably could have finished my next album by now, but I keep finding myself trying to do something with the music, rather than let it be what it is. I’m thinking I need to add a track about the sun just because I have one about the moon. I tried that and it sucked. I’m thinking I need another super smooth ambient track, but I tried that and it sucked.

I do my best to operate from ground zero, to honour the art that flows through, to get myself right out of the way. Sometimes it works – my fiction book that is almost ready to be released is one such thing – I honestly don’t even believe I wrote it. It came completely through me. But sometimes, my mind gets in the way. Music is one of those things, because I have too much knowledge of it. I am oh so grateful for the knowledge, the theory, the years of being in a tiny practice room, of getting debilitating RSI and playing through exams on pain killers… but in the spirit of art, in the honour of art, in the name of art – I continue to let go, I continue to release the masks and shadows, I continue to quit that long road to the top because my rock n roll is very clear from ground zero.

I, Anna Shelley, vow to strip myself bare, daily, to reduce the baggage I carry, so that I may operate as the clear channel that the art deserves. I choose honour, regardless of what I think. I choose magic.