Meditations by Anna Shelley

Anna Shelley - Soul Aligner, Mind Expander, Meditation QueenHey Beautiful Souls!

You already know I’m The Meditation Queen – that’s why you’re here! I want to show you what I’ve got, and how I can help you on your journey of tuning inwards, of self (re)discovery, and aligning your mind with your soul.

Want to start with a 2 minute express meditation? Yeah? Why not?!

Give yourself the gift of two minutes to relax your mind and indulge your soul:


If you enjoyed that, then I know you’ll love all my meditation creations.

My approach to creating meditations – in fact, my approach to all my work – comes from free artistic expression of my soul. My meditations speak directly to your soul.

You already know if this is resonating with you or not. And if you’re still reading, I guess it does! So I know you’ll love my Personalised Meditations………….


I create personalised meditations full of intention, heart, and soul.


AnnaWhatever you wish to gain out of your very own custom meditation, I create it especially for you.

To top it off, I can tailor a bespoke package to accommodate all your mind and soul needs with add-ons including mindset work, journaling work, bespoke music, and even calls with me to help you bring your soul’s calling to the forefront of your life and biz.

Read all about it, and arrange a call with me to discuss your needs HERE.

If you like, you can run some of my original background meditation music as you go along…



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Get your free 4 minute meditation

I'd love to bliss out with long meditations, and thoroughly recommend it if you can, but if you're like me and time poor...

I created this 4 minute meditation to raise your vibration and bring you inner peace.

It's free. Just for you.

Enjoy 🙂