My new default position (Warning: Incredibly powerful)

Anna Shelley soul aligner intuitive coachI’m a little fucked up.

We’re ALL a little fucked up one way or another.

You already know this, and I’ll give you a solid example:

You know when your confidence takes a blow – your partner says something unloving, or you fail a test, or someone takes credit for your good work or whatever – and then you go into this hole where you just want to hide/die/cry and you feel like you don’t deserve love or you aren’t worthy of something like being told you’re any good at all, and you just go into this default pattern of thinking… You know what I mean?

Well we all learned this default position from someone. And we all fully embodied it by having it drilled into us time and time and time again. Probably from one or both of our parents. And in turn they would have learned it from one or both of their parents. Etc etc etc etc. You get it, right?

One you’ve figured out what exactly your default position is, and who drilled that into your neuro system time and time and time again, THEN you can decide to rewrite it.

Yes, you can rewire your brain. And you can totally rewrite your default position.

I’ll tell you what I rewrote mine to:

I decided that when I receive a blow to my confidence, INSTEAD of crying into a black hole of despair, I NOW CHOOSE to enter my heart space, and live as my true soul.

You read correctly.

When I take a hit, I go into my heart space and am automatically elevated.

Yep, that’s right.

When I am knocked down, it actually lifts me up.

Talk about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

This is a CHOICE that I consciously made.

It’s a work in progress. But it’s there. And the more I practice this, the more my brain gets the opportunity to rewire itself.

And THAT is pretty damn magical, don’t you think?


I even blew my own mind then.

I choose to be elevated.

I choose elevation.

I choose my truth.

I choose my heart.

I choose my soul.

I choose ME.

Yeah, that’s right – I CHOOSE ME.

So… what’s your default? And do you care to rewrite it?



You know what’s REALLY helped me GET to this point AND even KNOW what the fuck my heart space IS AND HOW the fuck to GET there?

Meditation, my friend.


All the way.


I don’t know if I’ve expressed this enough:

But I really AM a fucking gun at meditation.

I’m even considering taking on 1:1 clients to guide you through this on a fucking epic and personal level.

It’s THAT big a deal.

It’s THAT fucking important.

It’s THAT fucking good.

It’s THAT which is the key to unlocking your mind, and setting yourself free.


If you’d like a 100% bespoke meditation, then we can arrange a time to chat so I can figure out exactly what you need and create exactly what will elevate you time and time and time again. Get ahold of me here to arrange that. We can add on extras to fully customise this for a lux gift to yourself that you truly deserve.



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