The power of Instant Manifestation

Anna Shelley - expanding your mind with meditationIf you allow your mind to open up to the possibilities in front of you, then you will be allowing yourself, and GIFTING yourself, the power of Instant Manifestation.

You’re already up with the law of attraction. You already KNOW that you can literally create anything you wish… BUT you have a HUGE sense of doubt as you struggle and struggle and struggle to create change in the key areas that you’re so desperate to see change. 

As this message is for many of you, those key things will be different for all of you, but generally you wish to change the status quo regarding relationships, career, money, or your living environment.

You already know that when you’re DESPERATE for change, you’re focusing on what you already HAVE, and on what you DON’T want more of, so therefore you’re receiving more of the same.

You already know that you need to focus more on what you DO want. And you DO that – you really do! BUT… it’s Just.Not.Working.


How’s this for a mind bender:

You can create INSTANT change, if only you allow it.

You can create MASSIVE instant change if only to opened your eyes so that you could SEE it’s ALREADY there is SOME form.

You can create instant massive change if only you opened yourself up to the possibility that the change may be in a slightly different form to how you envisaged.

See that key word in there?


When you let go of HOW you EXPECT it then you can SEE that it’s already there before your very eyes.

And I know I know I KNOW you are just a LITTLE bit of a control freak and you WANT the change to come through to you a certain way…

But get this…

Deep down inside, you don’t really care about the How.

That’s why we don’t deliver the How. We deliver the What.

So here’s HOW (hehe) you can A let go of the How, and B open your eyes to see all the possibilities and opportunities just waiting for you to take them:

A . Don’t worry! Just relax! Take a chill pill and go enjoy yourself for a bit.

B . See the world around you through the eyes of opportunity, curiosity, and wonder. It is THEN that you’ll be able to SEE outside the square.

And that’s it!

Very simple.

You’ll want to cling on to your old ways, no doubt.

But if you’re really to go on the WILDEST ride of your life – HANG ON dear friend! Change is instant! And your amazing creations await!

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