Personalised Meditation


Personalised meditations that enhance your connection to your self, transcend your mind, and give you clarity, purpose, and alignment with your soul.


This is a highly bespoke complete immersive experience 🙂


Welcome to the Sanctuary of your Soul…

I create meditations that enhance your connection to your self, transcend your current consciousness, and bring you the energies that you need in order to return your mind to your soul.

This is pure alignment of the mind and soul, which enables you to embody what it is you desire.

Want to clear blocks and resistances? This is perfect.

Want to explore, develop, and enhance your intuition? This is perfect for that.

Want to gain a deeper sense of self, of trust in your self, and confidence in your self and your gut instinct? This is absolutely perfect for that.

Want to enhance your mindset on a deeper level than you’ve ever experienced, so that you fully become who you wish to be? Perfect!

Not 100% sure what you want, or how to articulate what you want, but know this is for you? Don’t worry! We’ll work it all out.

Here’s how it works:

  • After payment, you’ll receive a link to my online calendar, where you’ll be able to book in for a short discussion with me.
  • I’ll ask you questions, hear you out, and make sure I understand exactly what it is you wish to get out of your very own custom meditation.
  • We not only work out WHAT you want to get out of your personalised meditation, but we also figure out the finer details such as if you want background music or silence, if you would like binaural beats or not, if you have a time limit that you’d like to stick to, and if you would like any journaling prompts or mindset work to complete the experience.

This is a complete immersion experience, where we combine meditation with mindset and music to create magic 🙂

If this is calling you, go ahead and order so we can get started 🙂


Turnaround time: Approx 2 weeks after our call.



What others saying about Anna Shelley’s personalised meditations:

“Words cannot express. Once. I have used this particular meditation just once so far and the shift in perception and reality is indescribable. The expansion and acceptance is stunningly powerful and gorgeously gentle.

If you are ready to expand, ready to deepen your connection, you need to have your own slice of Anna’s magic.

Thank you xxx” – C.H.

“I can vouch for Anna’s personalised meditations being out of this world! Mine was exactly what I was looking for ❤️” – C.B.



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