· S O U N D · D R E A M I N G ·

Sound Dreaming - a meditative journey by Anna Shelley

Join me for an immersion experience where we will gather online for a visionary journey to commune with your soul and bring it in to your consciousness for complete upliftance.

Here’s the deal:

↠ We will meet online in our Sound Dreaming Cavern, set intentions for the session, and then the magic sets in.

↠ A sound bath will envelope you and carry you into your journey.

↠ You will be gently guided through a visionary experience which may take you to other worlds where you will commune with your soul.

↠ You will find great wisdom in your journey, and learn how to carry it home with you so that you may embody it, and become and express more of you with the grace and confidence that you have found more of Who You Really Are.

To help embody this practice, there may be:

↠ Dance
↠ Drawing
↠ Journalling
↠ Sharing of our experiences
↠ Whatever other magic comes up 🙂

++ Next session: June 21 ++

[Exact date/time is not always planned in advance – you must be an official member to be in the know]

↠ It’s all online, so wherever you are, you can attend.

↠ It’s free, although if you wish to make a payment, or be a financial member for additional perks, you can.

This is super inclusive because I am just bursting with magic to share and I would love to reach as many people as possible.

If you love meditation, healing sounds, and fully embracing and embodying the magic that lies within, then come and join me for SOUND DREAMING. Do the planet a favour and share this event with your friends who may be interested 💛


When: Exact date/time – unscheduled.

Where: In our Sound Dreaming Cavern.

Cost: Nothing, or amount of your choice – up to you. Join here.


  1. Select which type of Sound Dreamer you are here, then join.
  2. Wait patiently for an email to arrive for full details 🙂
  3. See you there for the livestream 😉
  4. If you can’t make it live, don’t worry, you can catch the replay.