The Breath (what an overflow of creative energy feels like)

The energy flowing through me right now is so intense, I am wondering what the hell is going on! I honestly can’t keep up with myself.

In the past week I have: Recorded and released an EP in 2 days flat. Recorded a new meditation. Recorded 2 more tracks for my next album. Created a tonne of video clips to go with the above. Got my EP and new meditation onto the Insight Timer app. Ooooh, and somehow contributed to raising a child.

Sometimes I pause to wonder if there is going to be a massive crash after all this activity. But then I remember I’ve been a bit of a hermit when writing my book (still getting the publishing finalised, so stay tuned) so I guess there was a lot more that needed to come out.

The creative output is so thick and fast I even stopped going to the gym, which is very unlike me. But I couldn’t bare to miss out on recording time.

Sometimes I wonder if this is some kind of manic episode. I know it’s not really, but I wonder if this is what it feels like. The rush of energy is so strong I can’t contain it, and it is spilling out into my work. Which is as it should be. But whoah…. Sometimes you just wonder if you should be stopping to take a breath, if you know what I mean.

But in this case, the breath is the creativity is the life is the art.

I am so grateful for this output. I am so grateful for this experience. I am so grateful I get to choose it. Over and over again.

My body is overflowing with gratitude. May this continue! And in such a way that I get my arse back to the gym. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Here’s a new track (fresh off the blocks on the day of writing). Moon Dreaming is an ode to the moon, envisioned during the full moon (yesterday), and brought to life today.

I feel a little shaky sharing this track featuring ethereal vocals. I don’t consider myself a singer. At all. But when the art calls for it, I must obey. Enjoy…