The Siren Call from Frozen 2

When I saw Frozen 2 at the movies with my 5 year old earlier in the year, the simple tune spoke to me. The storyline told my own story of never fitting in, always playing in the realms of magic rather than logic, always off on my own solo adventures communing with nature.

This simple yet exceptionally beautiful tune, combined with the gorgeous imagery of stunning landscapes was something I had to recreate. My way.

I’d never recorded a cover song before, and I put it off for a long time. For some reason I thought it would be too expensive or simply impossible to do legally. But as it turns out, if you just ask, the answer might just be Yes.

Since flute is my instrument, I recorded a few takes on it, resisting my natural urge to overcomplicate things and mess it up.

I added a little synthesizer for depth, some birdsong I recorded out and about, plus my signature overuse of reverb.

I filmed the video all with my phone in local parklands, except for the stars at the end – there’s a photo from my local beach, and a time lapse from my backyard. Considering the low resolution of my phone, I think a dreamy effect was achieved.


The single is available in my shop, and of course all the usual platforms you get your music fix from 🙂

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