The Waves

Elegy, played on my mum’s piano, from From The Spheres.

She was circling above the location.

“Come on! It’s OK. I’ll make sure everything’s fine.”

People arrived just as I did. I didn’t want anyone else there.

“I’ll take care of things for you,” she said.

It looked like it was going to rain, but I sensed if I went ahead, I would be back just as some light showers started.

Mum was right. The people turned around and left.

It was muddy. I wasn’t wearing the right shoes.

“I’ll take care of things,” she said.

It didn’t get any muddier.

I was on the beach all by myself.

The sun shone.

It was beautiful.

Perfect, really.

The waves carried her away. They carried her beloved dog away. They were free. She was set free.

It was so beautiful. I took some photos.

I took my time, as I knew that time was endless here.

I was free again. In nature. Doing what I love. What I most love to feel free.

I got back to the car.

A light shower sprinkled down.

It was all her emotions, all her tears, all the things she needed to get out – all coming out.

Waves of relief.

Thank you.

We are free now.