A Vision of the World

Bringer of Truths from Expressions

I am a vision of the world. An ally of the forests. Guardian of the mountains. Keeper of dreams.

I hold their vision.

I am a holder of sound frequencies. A sound board of feelings. Resonator of thought. Bringer of truths.

I hold this vision.

Of course.

And in the every day, the mundane, the profane?

I do all this and more. I hold these responsibilities of the world in one hand, and the responsibilities of ordinary life in the other.

While these things may seem like separate responsibilities, or separate lives, this is only the illusion of separation at play.

Remember: We are all made of the same star dust.

Our visions are born of the same stars.

We are all children of the cosmos, connected through the bloodlines of diamonds.

Never forget whence you came. Forgetting is the illusion. Remembering is the truth.

Be all that you are all the time. Forget about the illusion of worry.

Live. Love. Be.