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It’s simple. It’s easy. You can zen out for an hour or you can do it all in an instant.

You can use meditation for relaxation, you can use it to enhance your creativity, you can use it to expand your mind, and you can use it to help you get that monkey mind of yours in alignment with your soul.

I create custom meditations, and I have a great collection of guided meditations that come with accompanying worksheets for you to continue exploring the concepts through journalling.

Browse and purchase my range of guided meditations Here.

Personalised Meditation

If you enjoy my guided meditations, then you will love the luxury of a fully bespoke meditation.

If you wish to connect to your soul on a deep level, if you wish to bring biggest dreams into reality, if you wish to indulge in yourself in a full meditation immersion experience that is completely customised to your needs, then this is the package for you.

With a personalised meditation, we arrange a time to discuss what you need before I create my magic.

Give yourself the gift of a personalised meditation here.

Guided Meditations

My collection of guided meditations have been created with heart and soul from my intuition, and I add in my own original background music.

Topics range from getting over the concept of not feeling good enough to enhancing your natural creativity.

These meditations are all under 30 minutes and come with a downloadable worksheet with journalling prompts that will help you fully embody the concepts through audio, visualisation, and the written word.

Shop online for my collection of guided meditations here.

Intuitive Art and Music

If you are interested in my intuitive art, my original meditation music, or bulk meditations for your company’s staff or clients, let’s talk!

I create all the intuitive artwork on my site – and my specialty is Digital Soul Portraits

All my background meditation music is 100% original and recorded and mixed by me. I can create custom original music tracks of any length that are suitable for your own meditations, background yoga music, or for your holistic business practice.

If you are wanting some custom background meditation or yoga music, or some soulful digital art, get in touch to discuss your needs.


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I'd love to bliss out with long meditations, and thoroughly recommend it if you can, but if you're like me and time poor...

I created this 4 minute meditation to raise your vibration and bring you inner peace.

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