A written meditation to restore your mind/body/soul set point

Anna Shelley - custom meditationI’d love to share a meditation that I just took myself through while driving around, willing the toddler to sleep…

This is a written meditation that you can do as you read along…………..


I invite you to bring your attention to your breath.

You don’t have to sit still with your eyes closed for this. If you can, that’s fantastic, if not, then that’s amazing that you can multitask 🙂 

Bring your attention to your breath. However you are breathing now is just fine. Just feel the air as it moves into your body.

Does the air feel cool? Or warm? Fresh? Or stale?

Just feel the sensation of the air.

It’s OK if you’re doing other things, this is just a way of honouring your self and your body.

Now I invite you to draw out your breaths a bit more.

A little longer. A little deeper. Not in a “this is how you must breathe” sort of way, but just to allow your lungs to move a bit more, to allow your body to move a bit more with the air.

As you do this, feel how you are more energised by this air.

Think of this air as a source of energy. In fact, visualise it in your mind – visualise the air entering your lungs as a source of energy, however that may feel to you – white light, white smoke, golden energy – however it is, see it fill up your lungs and your body with this energy that revitalises you, rejuvenates you, and restores your body to how it should be.

As you see your body fill up with this rejuvenating energy, feel your breath fill up your mind with this energy.

Feel into this – how your mind is now rejuvenating, it is replenishing, it is restoring itself to its set point.

This is how the air works. When we pay attention to it, it restores our mind-body-soul connection to its natural and perfect set point.

I don’t mean our default set point that may be less than ideal, less than perfect, and less than what we want. I mean our absolute perfect set point that is the culmination of our mind, our body, and our soul as they work in perfect harmony for us to live in perfect harmony.

Continue to feel this revitalising air as it recharges our system. It recharges our brain, our mind, and our body, which is the temple in which our soul resides.

Feel into this air, into this breath, and into this concept for a bit……….

And take this concept with you on your journey today 🙂

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